Saturday, 23 February 2013

Banana Cake (Gluten & Dairy free)


It's Mattie here.  It's my 9th birthday tomorrow.

Yesterday I asked if we could make some banana cake. Mum had bought 2 bags of bananas as they were a bit squidgy so reduced in price, but needed to be used up. A lady on twitter asked if we were going to take a photo so I thought we could make it to go here on our blog. Thank you to Marie Fraser @this_isme_marie for the idea.

It's a very easy recipe, you don't need many ingredients so have a go.


Ingredients (What You Need)

5 medium bananas
8oz of Gluten Free self raising flour (We only had plain flour so used that with 2tsp Gluten free baking powder added) You could use normal flour too, the amount remains the same.
6oz Sugar
4oz Sultanas
2 eggs

Other things you'll need. A mixing bowl. A potato masher or fork. A small bowl or cup to break eggs into. A loaf shaped baking tin. Some grease proof paper. note; if you don't have a loaf tin you could make them in muffin cases, just half the cooking time, or use a normal cake tin.

Method (How to make it)

Firstly heat your oven to gas mark 4 or 180'c

Peel your bananas, and put them into your mixing bowl. But watch out for cheeky monkeys!

Uh Oh !
And if they come, make sure they don't eat too many


And if they do, find out where they are hiding the rest...

Found him!

When you have your bananas peeled, and in your bowl it's time to mash them. This is easiest with a potato masher, but can be done with a fork. Be careful as the bananas get slippery and then its easy to slip with the masher.

Next you need to add the sultanas, sugar and the eggs. Break the eggs carefully into a bowl first to make sure there isn't any shell in with them by mistake!


Next sift and stir in the flour, making sure it is well mixed

Right, last thing is putting it into the oven. Firstly you need to put grease proof paper into your tin. We find that if we screw the paper up into a ball first then pen it out again, it sits flatter and more easily into the tin.

Pour your mixture into your tin like this.

Put it into the oven CAREFULLY for about an hour.

When it is done it should be golden brown, probably slightly cracked on the top and if you put a small knife in it shouldn't have mixture stuck on it when you take it out.

This is what mine looked like.

A note from mum - This cake is great for lunch boxes, bananas give a good energy boost. It also freezes well, so if you are only going to use a bit at a time then you could slice it and freeze it. It keeps well too.

Thank you for reading this. If you have a go at making this banana cake then we would love to see your pictures. You can email them to us if you like and then we could put them on the blog.

Bye for now


Ethan, Reuben. Jacob and Joel Bean too.


  1. Just made this boys, and it looks fantastic :o) I had to cover mine with foil after about 40mins into the cooking time as the top was browning a bit too quickly while the insides were still very gooey. That's probably because my oven is a bit temperamental!

  2. Hello,

    No butter or oil in the recipe?


  3. Hello Valerie

    Sorry that we missed your comment, I expect you have forgotten about it by now! No, no oil or butter, mum says its fat free if you don't include the eggs

    Did you try to make it? we would love to know how it went

    Ethan, Reuben, Mattie, Jacob and Joel Bean

  4. lol it must taste amazing

  5. ding dong mmmmmmm yummy yum yum