Friday, 22 February 2013

Get Ready, Get Set, Garden

Hello Everybody

We hope you have a had a good half term? We have been very busy. We have been to our new allotment, there is a lot of work to do there

We have been out with our friends

We have baked a bit, played a lot and started sorting seeds.

This picture is of some cucumbers that we planted two weeks ago

We wondered if anyone would like to have a go at gardening with us?

We were thinking of having a best scarecrow contest over the Easter holidays, a tallest sunflower competition and also some other lets plant.... things? We can also show you how to make a wormery!!

First of all we need to start saving some junk type bits and pieces.

We have been saving some insides of toilet rolls, we are going to use them to plant peas into. When they have grown a bit we can then put the toilet rolls into the ground as they are compostable. So its time to start saving yours, and as your friends and family too as well.

You might soon have as many as Mattie.

Mattie has been using his to  play with too.


You could also ask around if anyone is throwing out old clothes so that you can have some ready to make your scarecrow.

So here is a rough list of what you will need to find over the next week or two

Pea Planting
Toilet roll insides
Pea seeds

Sunflower growing
Sunflower seeds, we are happy to share ours with anyone local to us.

Old clothes, like trousers, shirt, gloves, also something you can use to make a face and head, maybe an old pillow case? We saw some cheap ones at the charity shop this week.
You will also need other bits like straw to make your scarecrow, but we will write more about that in a few weeks.

We would like to know if this post has been interesting or not so we can work harder to make it better for you to read.

Mum says sorry that the photos aren't very good but we haven't got a camera anymore, it got broken a while ago and we have been using her phone instead.

Thank you for your time

Ethan, Reuben, Mattie, Jacob and Joel Bean

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  1. Will stock up on sunflower seeds as I'm sure William would love to join your competition!
    Keep up the good work boys - I had to make more marshmallow Crispie squares today :)